Mr. Glass


Mr Glass‘ vision is to offer the best and the most professional service in the country in everything related to auto glass. Choose us because our procedures are strict, our materials are excellent quality and we offer all the Seuwagen’s garage service advantages.


Our services include:

Glazier repairing windscreen after stone chipping damage

  • Glass Repair

Glass repair is our fastest service, normally half an hour; most eco-friendly since it does not generate waste; and the most economical in comparison with glass replacement.

Remember that in order to repair the chip should be smaller than a 2€ coin; the whole crater less than 5mm; not placed in the driver’s line of vision; the windscreen must be clean of cracks bigger than 50mm or several contiguous cracks or separated at a distance less than 10mm.

windshield windscreen replacement

  • Glass Replacement

Specialists with demonstrated experience, we replace any windscreen or auto glass as quick as possible with quality and standardised materials, whether sourced from original equipment manufacturers or other suppliers. Windscreen represent 30% of vehicle safety and its placement affects your safety.

If you hold insurance with glass cover we take care of your insurance claim for you, so that you do not even have to pay for the service beforehand. If you do not hold such insurance, we offer you anyhow our most competitive prices.

Car wrapper using heat gun and squegee for tinting window

  • Tinting Car Window

Among the reasons to tint car window saving must be emphasize since the better thermal insolation the lower fuel expense. Privacy and security are also to be mentioned since there is no chance to see what is inside the car and subsequently avoid robberies. Aesthetic reasons are also to be considered since your car will look more elegant, modern and sportive.

Remember that just windows behind the driver’s line of vision can be tinted; that there are a variety of different tones at your disposal and that the job can be done in a morning or afternoon session.

Mechanic working on windshield wipers of car

  • Windscreen wipers and wiper blades

Mr Glass offers the simplest and most economical service to keep your car checked out and safe from a driving perspective: wiper blades replacement every year or every 15.000km. Andorra has got a rainy weather and these elements are important since water can accumulate in the driver’s line of vision angle and reduce visibility up to a 20 or 30 percent. Moreover, low temperatures allow rubber going harder as well causing the wiper blades to screech and judder, chatter or skip.

Car mechanic at the service station

  • Electrical or manual Windows

Either if the window has got an electrical or mechanical problem, Mr Glass will repair or replace with total safety and efficiency any glass for any model or manufacturer.

Keep your windows clean, avoid extreme humidity and use them regularly to avoid electric failures. Do not forget that we have solutions for the inevitable steel cable wear and rest of the pieces that damage car Windows.

  • Sun Protection Films

Be innovative, install homologated sun protection films to your vehicle. Sun protection films gives you safety impeding glass to break into pieces in case of crash or violence. Sun protection films drastically reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle up to 10 degrees and improve personal comfort as well of reduction of energy consumption of air conditioning systems. Sun protection films eliminate incoming ultraviolet rays through its UV filter and protect furniture, fabrics, carpets and pictures from fading.


Please feel free to request an appointment with Mr Glass for any of our available services and we will contact you to confirm as soon as possible.





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