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Pneumàtics Express  was born with the vision of providing the best and the most professional service in Andorra in all matters related to tyres of any vehicle. We want you to choose us because our procedures are strict, our materials high quality and because we offer all the advantages of Seuwagen. garage service.

Mechanic inflating a tire

Our services include:


  • Tyre pressure check

Tyres are the only source of contact between your car and the road – your car’s stopping distance, cornering and fuel efficiency are all affected by the condition of your tyres. Pressure check needs to be done every fortnight approximately and also the spare wheel needs to be checked.

When a tyre is under-inflated, its contact patch with the road surface is concentrated towards the two outer edges of the tread, leading to rapid wear on the shoulders and reduced tyre life. Under-inflation also increases rolling resistance, meaning that more energy is needed to turn the wheel – meaning increased fuel use. And under-inflation is the main cause of cracks which could cause blowout and lead to the loss of control of your vehicle.

Mechanic Fixing Car Tire At Repair Shop

  • Punture Repair and Tyre Replacement

Tyre repair is possible as long as a good diagnosis is made after removing the tyre. You can trust Pneumàtics Express for that and also for repairing with high quality materials (patches, or vulcanising PRP). Finally, we will check for air leaks before returning your vehicle.


We will take care that you choose the best tyres for your vehicle. To find equivalences and succeed in measures, permitted margins, load capacity, diameter, speed rating and tire measures is usually not easy. An error can cause premature wear and reduced driving safety. Here you will find the best tyres and valves of the country such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear.

smiling  serviceman checking wheel

  • Wheel Alignement and Balancing

As a general rule, wheel balancing must be checked once a year, at every a tyre is removed for any operation including change. Thus, the vibrations of the wheel while rolling will disappear avoiding premature wear of tyres, body suspension, steering and bearings.


We also offer wheel alignment service every 20,000km, if any irregular wear, after replacement or any steering work and if the steering wheel drifts sideways being straight. Steering and suspension elements will be adjusted so that wheels roll properly and parallel to each other and the axis in order to improve vehicle performance and save fuel.

In Pneumàtics Express we have balancing and alignment equipment computer-controlled to guarantee maximum professionalism in both operations.

Winter tyres wheels installed on suv car outdoors

  • Snow Chains ans Winter Tyres

In Andorra and in accordance with the current legislation it is mandatory to drive with winter tyres on hibernal season. In  Pneumàtics Express we change your tyres to reduce the level of accidents when the temperature drops below 7 ° C, the risk of aquaplaning and braking distance of 32 meters. Drive safely and legally in water, ice or snow. Remember that for maximum security and better performance seasonable tyres should be used in every season, being recommended the change to summer tyres once the season is over.


Snow chains are also available and compatible with almost all models and brans of tyres.



Please feel free to request an appointment with Pneumàtics Express for any of our available services and we will contact you to confirm.





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